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Osho Meditation Intensive Retreat – Three Days (Residential Retreat)

Dates 2019:

November 28th – December 1st, 2019



7 am – 8 pm except the arrival day and the departure day.

All the retreat starts at 6.00 pm on the arrival day with the evening session and end on the last day before lunch.

Meals: Three meals included

Stay: Residential Retreat

Programme Contribution:

Course fee: 1900 AED per person (Includes shared sleeping space, three meals & meditation sessions).


About the Retreat:

Human beings have many hidden potentials within themselves. To uncover these hidden potentials, energy is needed. Energy is one of the most important fundamental factor to feel delightful. Every day we dissipate the energy by doing various unnecessary acts.

In this retreat we will conserve the energy by digital detox and fasting of senses (except eating and drinking). Once the energy stops leaking it can be the shown direction to dive deeper within one self to go on an inner adventure.

This will be a unique opportunity to learn meditation in a very short period of time. We will spend 8-10 hours practicing different osho meditations, breath work, zen meditation, sufism and techniques based on Mindfulness.
The idea is to empower you and provide you enough tools to live meditatively in a day to day life.


We would follow a strict schedule on this retreat. There would be silence outside the meditation halls and digital detox throughout the retreat for three days. There would be fasting of senses like ear plugs for ears and eye masks for eyes.



7-8 am – session 1

8-10 am – Breakfast

10-12 pm – session 2

12-1 pm – session 3

1-3.00 pm – Lunch & Rest

3-4 pm – session 4

4-5 pm – session 5

6 – 8 pm – session 6

8 pm – Dinner


Who can participate?

This retreat is designed for all level of people, whether beginner, intermediate or advance level. Most basic requirement for this retreat would be openness to try something new, desire to learn meditation and deep commitment to put the efforts in one direction.

What to expect?

This would be an intense retreat and only if you are ready for transformation and to bring the shift in your life, then this could be your opportunity.

This would be an opportunity to explore the inner spaces of our being.

We would have strict schedule for three days in order to conserve the energy and show it a direction, through which the doors of the inner can be open.

Our effort will be to nail one thing and one thing only that is “Meditation”.


Included in Package: 

Osho Meditation Retreat

Accommodation– pricing is per person

Six to Seven sessions of meditation everyday

Audio files of the Osho Meditations practiced during the retreat will be shared

Three vegetarian set meals, brunch, lunch and dinner every day

Filtered drinking water, hot drinks including lemon ginger and chai (full day)

Full use of resort amenities in spare time including swimming pools, yoga shalas.

Not Included:

Travel, transport and transfer costs

Visa Fees – please make sure you obtain the correct visa to enter UAE

Spending Money

About the Teacher:

My life was transformed in 2013 when I discovered the teachings of Osho. After leading a busy chaotic life and a stressful career, I moved into Osho’s commune in Pune where I practiced the daily art of meditation for two years, where I also practiced meditation daily. My personal transformation during this time was so profound that I chose to dedicate my life to the teachings & practices of Osho, becoming a disciple and sharing the path with others. I then transitioned into the another Osho communes. There I worked with, practiced along side and learned from the best Osho therapists, teachers and masters from around the world. I have personally explored various paths of meditations including Sufism, Tantra, Zen and Osho Meditative Therapies. Inspired by these experiences, I then moved on to study Clinical Hypnotherapy and Reiki.

My journey later led me to Goa, where for many years I have been offering group workshops, meditation camps & retreats. I also offers individual meditation sessions, private consultations and therapies and as an interactive online service.

Agyat is a source of inspiration & guidance to his clients in difficult times. He is able to help people to see complicated situations clearly & logically so that decision making becomes easier. Through using some of the meditation techniques he helps his clients move to the heart space from the head space, immediately to be more at peace & contented.

‘Meditation and sharing my knowledge is my passion and it brings immense amounts of happiness, joy and contentment to me. I am living my dream everyday by doing what I love. There are no social cause’s behind my work. I am not trying to change a persons life, however if they choose to meditate and continue to meditate a great transformation is possible. Doors of ecstasy and wonders will open and life will become a great celebration’ – Agyat 


Osho is an enlightened master who is best known for his Active Meditations that use the body as a tool to explore mindfulness. He has created over 3000 methods of meditation designed to meet the needs of a vast variety of  people. The results are immediate and powerful. Osho has addressed various paths of meditation including Yoga, Sufism, Tantra, Zen, Taoism and has over 650 books written in his name


Abu Dhabi, Liwa Oasis (The venue is three hour drive away from Dubai)

For Enquires:


+91-7083 721 725 (Agyat)

+971 – 50 – 771 6573 (Sabah)



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‘The Osho Meditation Retreat was life-changing and life-reaffirming. I have been practicing mindfulness for a few years, and this retreat really opened my mind to a number of simple ways to incorporate meditation into daily life. Through laughing, dancing and drawing I was able to break down some internal barriers and beliefs, and reconnect with my higher self. The experience was equal parts fun and profound. Agyat is one of those very few people you meet who have a lasting impact on your whole life. Thanks Agyat’ – Michelle, Australia

‘Agyat is a modern guide to the world of meditation and hypnotherapy. His techniques are tailored to help you with your inner work in a way that is accessible and absolutely enjoyable. Agyat is a kind, caring spirit who is walking his path and can help you navigate your own. With his hypnosis therapy, Agyat helped me get at some core issues and overcome some deep set obstacles. He also gave me tools to continue the healing on my own. His workshop was a bonding communal experience that gave us inroads to continue our inner journeys on our own and with our communities’ – Joel Marshall, Actor / Producer. USA 


Booking Process:

Full contribution has to be paid to secure your spot. There are only 14 spots available for this retreat.


Takeaways from this retreat:

  1. Clear understanding of meditation.
  1. Ability to meditate in busy places.
  1. Clarity on the fundamentals of spirituality.
  1. You will learn the tools for managing daily stressful situations in your personal or professional life.
  1. Step by step guidance & support on the path of meditation.
  1. You will also learn to meditate with a busy schedule.
  1. Find the right meditation technique for you.
  1. Write up of all the techniques in detail and audio files at the end of the programme.
  1. Learn to move quickly into inner peace.
  1. Experiential taste of no thoughts.