2 Day Online Breathwork & Transforming Emotions [Online Retreat]

Join me for a 2-day at-your-own-pace retreat combining Zazen and Breathwork along with ‘Transformation of your energies and emotions’ that is custom designed for you.

Zazen & Breathwork

Do you know that our breath & thoughts are connected? If we change our breathing patterns, the thoughts & emotions get influenced as well.

Suppression Versus Transformation

Do you know that all of us are suppressed in one way or the other except the Buddha’s & the animals? We all have three parts within ourselves, Personality – the social us, Instinctual – the animal us & Being – the innocent us.

2 Day Online Breathwork & Transforming Emotions [Online Retreat]

Zazen & Breathwork


All of us live with a certain pattern. This can also be called our personality. Our way of breathing closely connected with our personality. If we can change the way we breathe, the personality can be altered as well. People who take risk, usually they love taking risk and the people who breathe shallow are always afraid to go into the unknown or to take risk.

Our breathing is patterns are different for each emotion that we go through. In anger our breathing is shallow and in relaxation it is deep.

Deep breathing is also one of the fundamental to feel relaxed. When we go to sleep all of us breathe through the stomach that is why we get up after a good night’s sleep. Breath is the closest and easiest doorway to bring transformation in our life.


There will be an intense breathwork exercise followed by zazen. The idea is to help you experience prana/life force/vitality. If you practice the technique with totality, the effects can be felt immediately after the session.

We will learn:

1. About different ways of breathing.

2. Understand Prana & its experiential taste.

3. The science behind different bodies.

4. Exposure to various breathwork methods.

5. Practicing zazen & the science around it.

Suppression Versus Transformation


Whenever we condemn anything natural in us, it gets suppressed and goes into the subconscious. Human beings are not free from it, it just functions in an indirect way. It would come out through dreams or whenever someone pushes our buttons or if we get exposed to a certain situation. All that is suppressed will come out. Transformation is a meditative process and through it you can actually release whatever lies in the subconscious. It can be a great unburdening phenomenon.

Not only meditation helps us to release stuff that lies in the subconscious, it also empowers us to create a distance between the objects/situations so that we do not accumulate or suppress anything anymore. This helps us to be loose & relaxed.


This would be a 90-120 minutes session. We will work with two major emotions that rule our life “Anger & Sex”. We will learn the techniques & methods of meditation to transform these energies for moving on to the higher planes of consciousness.

Anger transformed becomes compassion and sex transformed becomes love followed by prayer. The energy is the same only direction gets changed.

We will learn:

  1. Why do we suppress?
  2. How to let go of old accumulated suppressed emotions & the negative effects of the memories?
  3. The key to transform negative emotions.
  4. Methods that can be practiced at home for transforming the energy of anger & sex.
  5. How to conserve the energy & move it within?
  6. What is fight & flight mechanism. The Meta-Physics (energetic reasons) of stress/diseases.
  7. What stops us from moving into relaxation?

2 Day Online Breathwork & Transforming Emotions [Online Retreat]


  • 1 x 90-120 minutes Zazen and Breathwork session
  • 1 x 90-120 minutes Transforming your Emotions session


Shared on Request

What’s included in this package:

  • Pre and post workshop support from our team
  • Additional support provided via email, if needed
  • Recording of the sessions
  • Step by step guidance and clarification
  • Additional time for sharing and question/answers
  • Music files for the meditations practiced during the session

2 Day Online Breathwork & Transforming Emotions [Online Retreat]

Takeaways from this retreat:

1. You will get a personal recording of the session to practice this meditation at home.

2. Deeper understanding of breathwork & zazen.

3. Using prana in day to day life for getting more energy, whenever needed.

4. Learn fundamentals to go into deep meditation quickly.

5. Ability to remove the old energetic charges from the body-mind system.

6. Ability to handle tough/challenging situations.

7. Understand & learn not to suppress anymore.

8. Move into relaxation easily.

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