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Human beings have many hidden potentials within themselves. To uncover these hidden potentials, energy is needed. Energy is one of the most fundamental factor to feel delightful. Every day we dissipate the energy by doing various unnecessary acts.

Once the energy stops leaking it can be then shown direction through meditation to dive deeper within one self to go on an inner adventure.

Our effort is to help people give a unique opportunity through our Osho Meditation Intensive Retreat in Goa to learn meditation in a very short period of time. In our retreats we will spend 8-10 hours practicing different osho meditations, breath work, zen meditation, sufism and techniques based on Mindfulness.

In our Osho meditation retreats we try to conserve the energy by digital detox and fasting of senses (except eating and drinking).

We design intense retreats and only if you are ready for transformation and to bring the shift in your life, then this could be for you.

Our core is to empower people and provide them enough tools to live meditatively in a day to day life.

Through our Osho Meditation Retreat in Goa we try to nail one thing and one thing only that is “Meditation”.

Meditation: Relaxation: Well-being:

Meditation is a very simple and natural phenomena. It gives us the ability to slip into deep relaxation at will. It is only about the knowledge of the right steps to start with and to give the directions to your own body mind system for relaxation.

Every individual is different and may have different requirements. Keeping that in mind we have various individual sessions, workshops and retreats. Our effort is to empower individuals with methods they can practice by themselves and be independent.

Relaxation and well-being are connected. If one can live their life in a relaxed way no matter what lives throws at them, well-being is followed as a shadow.

Well-being consists of all (The body, mind and consciousness) on all the levels physical, mental, emotional and energetic.

Relaxation is an art and very easy to slip into, if you know the right way. All the Animals and Buddha’s live 24 hours in deep relaxation. Nature takes us into deep relaxation every night when we slip into deep sleep, that is why in the morning we feel fresh and rejuvenated after a deep sleep. If the sleep is missed then one feels tired the whole day. Sleep is a natural mechanism for us to replenish our body mind system.

Life throws challenges at us all the times because life wants us to grow, life wants us to learn. Every time we solve a problem or come out of a challenge, we feel expanded. Whenever we are happy, joyous or relaxed the feeling of expansion prevails. In fear, insecurity we tend to contract. In deep love, sharing, success we feel expanded and in anger, hate, anxiety the feeling of contraction takes over.


“Everybody wants to feel expanded”


Meditation gives us the ability to continue to have the feeling of expansion all the time irrespective of what life throws at us and well-being is later followed by this feeling as a shadow. It helps us to be more rather than do more. It is more about the qualitative living then the quantitative living. Through our Osho Meditation retreat in Goa, India we try to help people claim the qualitative living.

Our core area of focus is to help people feel expanded and to give them the ability to enjoy life more.  Also our effort is to help them reach/experience relaxation and well-being in a short period of time at will.


“Anything that takes you away from this Moment is Mind” – Osho

The first step in conscious living