“This is the most comprehensive program on Osho Meditations, Mindfulness Training & to integrate meditation into your daily actions”

Anything that takes you away from this moment is the Mind – Osho

Our Vision:

“To help people raise their awareness with the help of Meditation & Mindfulness so that  they can feel empowered & be independent on their spiritual journey”



Why you should do this ?

  1. To go deeper in your Meditation practices
  2. To find out & over come your major challenges, issues & belief systems
  3. Bring more peace & harmony in your life
  4. Want support on the path of meditation & mindfulness
  5. Live a life of more awareness


How we will do?

Once a week 75-90 minutes Session with Agyat onsite or online via zoom


What we will do?

We will follow a Seven Step Process during the programme that would include below to increase your Awareness.

  1. Osho Active Meditations
  2. Mindfulness Methods for Daily Life
  3. Passive Meditations
  4. Understanding your Mind
  5. Hypnotherapy Sessions
  6. Cognitive Therapy – (End of the Day review sheet to increase your Awareness)
  7. Osho Meditative Therapies


In this programme you will learn 14 Osho Active Meditations, 25 Mindfulness Methods & 3 Passive Meditations. 

We will also use Hypnosis & Cognitive Therapy to identify the core issue/challenges.

We will also guide you to complete Osho Meditative Therapies.


Education on Fundamental Principles:

Most of us are aware of fundamental principles around having a healthy body. If anyone, whether saint or the sinner align themselves to the fundamental principles of having a healthy body like – Healthy food, Proper sleep, Physical Exercise, Yoga, etc. will reap the rewards of good health.

Similarly, to gain a deeper understanding on the path of meditation by learning about the fundamental principles around below makes life much more easier and one can very quickly learn meditation in a very short period of time:

  1. Nature of Body
  2. Nature of Mind
  3. Nature of Consciousness
  4. Relaxing the Body
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Osho Active Meditations
  7. Osho Meditative Therapies
  8. Passive Meditations and how to make them easy?
  9. Why is it difficult to relax?
  10. Right Meditation v/s wrong meditation

Meditation is not against life. It gives us the ability to enjoy life fully & be rooted in the present moment. In order to do that we will learn, how simple acts of daily life can be meditative.


What is Meditation?

In the above video I am giving three definitions of meditation.

Your ability to relax your body and mind at will

Your ability to live in the present moment

Your ability to be aware

What Meditation is not?

In the above video I am giving three definitions of what meditation is not.

Focus or concentration is not meditation

Stopping your mind from think is not meditation

Meditation is also not about having only positive thoughts

Some benefits of regular practice through Osho Meditations:

Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been

Have a wonderful time learning a different practice than your own

The ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature

Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body

Boost your practice by taking the time to go deeper into it

Increased Relaxation

Stress Reduction

Better Sleep


Hormonal Balance



Rediscover yourself after too long of feeling disconnected

Full Description:

We will explore “25” methods on Mindfulness, “14” Active Meditations and 4 Osho Meditative Therapies designed by Osho. Also sessions on Hypnosis, Energy Work & Cognitive Therapy.

There will be a minimum of one session a week to a 2 sessions of 75-90 minutes each.

What makes this Programme special:

1. Learn A to Z about Osho Active Meditations, Osho Meditative Therapies and Mindfulness methods by Osho

2. Get the tools for managing daily stressful situations in your personal or professional life

3. Step by step guidance & support on the path of meditation

4. You will learn how to meditate with a busy schedule

5. Find the right meditation technique for you

6. Write up of all the techniques and a written text by Osho on Meditation at the end of the programme

7. Resolve the mental & psychological issue with the help of Hypnosis & Cognitive Therapy.



Once or Twice a week:  Sessions of 75-90 Mins

When: Any day of the week

Additional support is provided throughout the course via email


Shared on Request

What’s included in the package:

Additional support is provided throughout the course via email

Audio files of the Osho Active Meditations practiced during the sessions

Written text on the meditations and Osho’s insights on the path of meditation

Sessions on Hypnosis & Cognitive Therapy

About the Teacher:


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Mobile & Whatsapp: (+91) 7083-721-725
Email: agyat@oshoactivemeditations.co.in

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