Osho Vipassana Meditation

The very word Vipassana means “Seeing” or “Watching”. Vipassana meditation is gift of Gautama The Buddha to humanity. He became enlightened through this method & after him thousands of people have become enlightened through this method. Vipassana is a passive form of meditation. Osho vipassana meditation is much more interesting, playful, juicy & fun, in comparison to ordinary vipassana meditation. This meditation is best done early in the morning before the sunrise.

It can be done in a 3 ways, the first can be just being aware of the mind & its mood. 2nd can be watching the rise & fall of the belly. 3rd can be watching the breath at the entrance of the nostril.

This is great meditation to bring you to the present moment & make you mindful of the now.

OSHO Vipassana Meditation


OSHO Vipassana Meditation has 2 stages & last 60 minutes.

First Stage: 45 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Sitting: In this stage seat in a relaxed posture, keeping your eyes closed, remain aware of everything around you. Start watching your breath at the nostril of your nose, the incoming & outgoing of your breath. You can also watch the rise & fall of the belly due to in & out of the breath. At the same time remain aware of the thought, moods & whatever goes on in the mind without any judgement. Let thoughts come & go. Whenever you get lost, gently bring your awareness to your breath or the rise & fall of your belly.

If you would like to change your sitting position or move your body, you can do that with awareness & swift motion. It has to be remembered that it is not a concentration technique but a state of relaxed awareness.


Second Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Open

Slow Walking: You will hear a gong beat, in this stage stand up & start walking slow looking only few feet away at a time. While walking watch your feet touching the floor & how one leg is coming after the other. Go on watching the body walking & its sensations. The speed of this walking should be half of your usual speed.

*If you like you can choose to continue sitting for the whole hour.

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