Osho Dynamic Meditation

It is a master piece designed by Osho. If you are looking for really quick results & wants to see the immediate effects of meditation, this is for you. This meditation starts with 30 minutes of rigorous activity of the body in the beginning followed by 15 minutes of silence, where everything standstill & it is easier to experience what is meditation in those few minutes.

This meditation has many physical & psychological benefits. It works miraculously on sadness, anger, depression or any other negative emotion which has been suppressed for a long period of time, sometimes even of lives altogether, can be released through this meditation & one can feel a new life vibrating inside them.

While doing this meditation one need to remain aware, alert, conscious, witness throughout the entire 1 hour & do not get lost in the activity of the body. If your effort is total, in the 4th stage the alertness will come to its peak & you may be able to experience something great.

“OSHO says that we live in an instant coffee era, people want to results immediately, this is meditation is designed by OSHO to bring immediate changes in your life”

This meditation is best done early in the morning & is supported by the specific audio recording of OSHO Dynamic Meditation music.

Osho Dynamic Meditation


This meditation last for 1 hour & has 5 stages. Eyes to be remain close throughout this one hour & this meditation is supported by audio music.

Below are the two different instructions.

First one: This is from the source “Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune”


Second one: This is from my experience of doing this meditation by myself for few months:

First Stage: 10 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Standing & Breathing: Throw your breath through the nose as fast, as intensely possible & without any rhythm. Breath needs to be thrown out from the nose with pressure using the movement of your entire body, while standing at the same place. It needs to be chaotic & you need to break the pattern of the breath again & again. The breath has to be “Irregularly Irregular”, while you are doing this alertness should be there on the out breath, body will take care of the in breath. Do not stop while doing this activity and let the energy build up in your system. Remain alert, aware, watchful & witness.

If this stage is done right, you will feel the energy building up & will prepare you for the 2nd stage. That is why the 1st stage is very important & should be done rightly.


Second Stage: 10 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Catharsis: If the 1st stage is done with totality, all the pent up & repressed emotions like anger, sadness, depression, negativity or positive emotions may surface. Whatever emotion surfaces up let it go out through the body mind, do not stop yourself & remain a watcher, remain alert. Give your body mind freedom to express whatever they want to express. This is will be a great opportunity to let go of any suppressed emotions like anger, guilt, sadness, laughter, joy, dance of the past. We have suppressed not only negative emotions but positive emotions too. So just allow whatever comes either negative or positive, the point is to express it fully and hold nothing back. Remain alert, aware, watchful & witness.

*If nothing is coming up in the 2nd stage, you can do some acting & within 2-3 days whatever has been suppressed will start coming out on its own, but do not remain like a statue & do nothing if nothing is coming up. Also if you cannot scream or shout because of your space, neighbours or family members, you can do the catharsis through the body & let it express it totally & completely with its free body movement.


Third Stage: 10 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Jumping & HOO: In this stage you need to raise your arms in the air & jump simultaneously shouting the mantra “HOO, HOO, HOO” continuously for full 10 minutes & do not stop yourself. The mantra has to be shouted when you are landing on the ground with your feet flat. This sound should hammer your sacral chakra, just 2 inches below the navel. You can image a hammer hitting this point while you are shouting “HOO, HOO, HOO” this sound can also be made inside without shouting out loud. Keeping hitting the sacral chakra point with this sound for the entire 10 minutes, go totally mad, crazy & do not stop in between. Remain alert, aware, watchful & witness.

*If you cannot jump because of your space, neighbours or physical issue, you can use the imagination to keep on hitting the hammer on your sacral chakra from the inside while saying “HOO, HOO, HOO” inside as well.


Fourth Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Stop & Being Still: You will hear a word “STOP” & you need to freeze in whatever position you will be in at this point of time. Do not try to change your position or rearrange the body after listening to this stop. Just freeze & remain like a statue for 15 minutes & go on watching whatever is happening inside the body mind. Your body may be tired, sweating, your mind will say many things. It will be a great opportunity for you to experience watchfulness & watch the mind speaking. Remain alert, aware, watchful & witness.


Fifth Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Dancing: In this stage just dance & express your love, gratitude whatever comes. Just dance with your totality & express yourself fully through the dance.

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