2. In-Hypnotherapy

3 Day Life Issues Healing Hypnotherapy Retreat [Online Retreat]

Do you know that our subconscious mind is 6000 times more powerful & nine times bigger than the conscious mind?


Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation just like deep sleep & hypnotherapy is a science to work with the subconscious mind. Roots of our challenges lie in our subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy can be used for below:

  1. Inner Child Healing
  2. Changing the Belief System
  3. Past Lives Regression
  4. Improving Focus
  5. Increasing Self-Confidence
  6. Self-Love & Self Worth
  7. Dream Realization & more

3 Day Life Issues Healing Hypnotherapy Retreat [Online Retreat]



Hypnotherapy sessions can be oriented in two ways, Future or past oriented approach.

Future Oriented Approach:

It is related to the requirement for any area of improvement like, self-confidence, public speaking, self-love, physical health, focus or dream realisation. Once the area is chosen, one has to write down short, positive, simple affirmation on one area at time & then the therapist will make a recording using those sentences.

That recording has to be listened for 90-120 days so that the new neuropath ways in the brain can be built up to bring desired results.

*For future oriented approach one session is enough on one area.

Past Oriented Approach:

In this we look backwards into the life of the person & go back in time into the childhood or any traumatic event that one needs freedom from.

This approach is used for inner child healing, changing the belief system, past lives regression, fears, cord cutting with a specific person or a belief system, closing unfinished chapters of relationships & for letting go of the past.

Various tools of hypnotherapy are used in this approach for integration to bring inner peace & harmony in life.

For the past oriented approach the number of sessions required is usually decided after a pre interview with our therapist.


Self-Hypnosis is a science to work with the subconscious mind. It will be a two hours programme to learn about the power of your subconscious mind.

We will explore different aspects of the mind and its functioning. We will also understand multiple layers of the mind.

This programme will help you understand about conditioning, self-limiting belief systems & to create positive affirmations.


We will learn:

  1. The way conscious & subconscious mind functions.
  2. How the programming of different minds gets formed?
  3. What is a fight & flight mechanism?
  4. How to create positive affirmations for faster results?
  5. How to use the subconscious mind to your advantage?
  6. Understand about conditioning.

Open Session:

An open session is designed to help you solve your current life issues that you may be facing or to find out the core issue/challenge of your life that you may need support to solve it.

Human beings are creatures of habit, without awareness man is just a machine repeating the same pattern throughout their whole life. An open session may help you to identify that pattern & will give you the ability to break it with awareness.

You can free yourself of the past & create your future. You need only a little bit of courage, awareness & initiative.


The setting of the open session is based on talking openly on your current areas of your challenges. Our therapist will use their intuitive reading abilities, energy work experience, meditation, hypnosis, use of fundamental principles of existence, body, mind & their years of experience to support you back to peace & harmony.

*Discussion of the session will remain absolutely confidential.

3 Day Life Issues Healing Hypnotherapy Retreat [Online Retreat]


1 x 120 minutes – Open Session (Interview)

1 x 60-90 minutes – Hypnotherapy Session

1 x 60-90 minutes – Hypnotherapy Session


Shared on request

What’s included in this package:

  • Personal recording for dropping the positive suggestions into your own subconscious mind every day (For future oriented approach)
  • Pre and post workshop support from our team
  • Additional support provided via email, if needed
  • Recording of the sessions
  • Intuitive reading
  • Step by step guidance and clarification

3 Day Life Issues Healing Hypnotherapy Retreat [Online Retreat]

Takeaways from this session:

1. You will get a personal recording for dropping the positive suggestions into your own subconscious mind every day.

2. Ability to create positive affirmations.

3. Usage of the subconscious mind for your advantage.

4. Understand your own conditioning & break those patterns.

6. Letting go of the past & claiming your right to live in the present moment.

7. Removing the accumulated negative energetic charges of others from your body-mind systems

8. You can gain a better understanding of the situations in your life by sharing with our experienced body & mind therapist.

9. Get a 360-degree view of your challenge.

10. Explore tools to overcome your challenges/issues.

11. Receive various skills that can be practiced in daily life with a plan to work forward.

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