Osho Gourishankar Meditation

If you would like to work on your 3rd eye center then this meditation is for you. This meditation will help you bring your energy to awaken the 3rd eye center, this may result in clairvoyance. This has been one of the greatest gifts to humanity, the awakening of the 3rd eye through various methods & techniques. Also in this meditation there is a certain breathing pattern in the first stage that will change the oxygen & carbon dioxide level in your blood stream & you will be able to see immediate changes in your physical activity. This is a wonderful method to help us raise our vibrational frequencies & opening up our heart center.

This meditation can be done at night & has a very soothing & relaxing effect on the body mind & is supported by the specific audio recording of OSHO Gourishankar Meditation music.

Osho Gourishankar Meditation


OSHO Gourishankar Meditation has 4 stages & last 60 minutes.


Below are the two different instructions.

First one: This is from the source “Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune”



Second one: This is from my experience of doing this meditation by myself for few months/days:

First Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Sitting: In this stage you need to exhale & inhale continuously while listening to the music. Inhalation will happen through the nose & exhale through the mouth. When you inhale, do it as deeply as possible fill your lungs up & then hold the breath for as long as possible. Once you reach the limit & cannot hold the breath anymore gently exhale & empty all the air from your lungs, again do not let the oxygen come in straight away. Hold it as long as possible until it becomes impossible to not inhale. Keep on repeating this cycle for the entire 15 minutes.


Second Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Open (Gentle Gazing)

Remain Sitting: In this stage the music will change & you need to stop breathing in the cycle as before. Just come back to the normal breathing & keep looking at gently to a flashing blue light or a candle. Do not move your body. Just carry on gazing at the light.

*People who have problem with their eyes should not use the flashing blue light & can close their eyes during this stage.


Third Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Standing Up: The music will change & you need to stand up. Now let your body be in a let go. Allow the body to move wherever & which ever direction it wants to move. Do not control or stop this movement. There may be a subtle lathian, an unstructured movement outside of your control. Let all this happen with grace & gently.


Fourth Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Lying Down: The music will stop & you can just lie down on your back keeping your body still & remain a watcher of whatever is happening inside the body mind.

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