“Osho Born Again – 7 days retreat

Another master piece meditative therapy designed by Osho. This retreat is a must for anybody who would like to rediscover their lost childhood, innocence, fun, lightness, joy, easiness, laughter & much more. This process gives you wings to fly into the silent spaces within. Very powerful therapy for every beginner to learn meditation on fast track basis.

“This 7 days process of 2 hours everyday, coupled with Osho Dynamic, Kundalini & White Robe Brotherhood, if done with totality & determination can bring life transforming results”

“Osho Born Again”

1st hour: Allowing yourself to let loose and do whatever you feel like doing. Play, dance, make noises, roll on the floor, do anything & give yourself total freedom like child. Play with other participants or by yourself. Just become a child with wonder filled eyes. The child is there inside you, just waiting to be rediscovered or called upon.

2nd hour: Sitting silently with closed eyes & let the silence descend upon you.