“Osho Mystic Rose – 21 days retreat”

A very powerful & most fundamental meditative therapy designed by Osho for every meditator whether beginner or seasoned. There are 3 steps to dive deeper & allowing meditation to happen:

1st step: Rediscovering the inner sources of laughter, joy, happines & ecstasy.

2nd step: Be free of the painful memories of the past, agonies & suffering.

3rd step: Letting the silence come to you.

“This 21 days process of 3 hours everyday, coupled with Osho Dynamic, Kundalini & White Robe Brotherhood, if done with totality & determination can bring life transforming results”

“Osho Mystic Rose”

1st week – 3 hours: Laughing for no reason at all

2nd week – 3 hours: Let the tears roll & allowing yourself to let the agony, pain & suffering come out.

3rd week – 3 hours: Sit in silence with closed eyes & let the silence descend upon you.