Osho Gibberish Meditation

Osho created this beautiful meditation technique to experience the thoughtless state. Even one small experience of this state can wake up the thirst to want more of this peace, silence, joy & blissfulness. This meditation is named after a Sufi enlightened master named Jabbar. He always spoke nonsense language with people who would come & ask him questions. Otherwise he remained in silence. He says that your mind is nothing but gibberish, crap & nonsense.

This is an amazing method to clean your mind from the junk, crap or any other thought that is bothering you. It is very therapeutic method & brings instant results. Just like sharing is therapeutic & relieves you off some emotional burden & tension, this method does the same.

This meditation can be done anytime during the day.

Osho Gibberish Meditation


OSHO Gibberish Meditation has 2 stages & it lasts for 30 minutes.


First Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Sitting, Standing or Moving Around: In this stage you can start producing any nonsense sound & start saying things that have been bothering you in your mind. Anything that you could not sat because of people around you, society, religion, rules or culture. Do not hold yourself back in this expression, do it with totality, use your whole body in it. If any emotion like anger, rage, sadness, hurt or laughter comes, express it. Do not stop yourself from expressing. The most important thing is to remember that in this expression you have to use the language that you do not know how to speak. If you know English, do not express in English, if you Chinese, do not use Chinese. You need to use the language that you do not know the words of. Anything that has been on your mind for ages, or bothering you, let it go out in the language you do not know how to speak.

*If you are doing this meditation in a group, do not interfere or watch others what they are doing. You just need to continue with your own process & be total in it.


Second Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Sitting: In this stage just sit & keep you body still. Just be aware of whatever is happening inside your body mind.

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