Osho Whirling Meditation

This is another centering technique created by Osho taken from Sufis. Every one of us has a center which is naturally given to us by the nature, but we remain on the periphery never coming in contact to our center. Whirling is a beautiful way to be aware of that center when everything is moving & in the moving there is an unmoving center inside us. The contrast can be seen so easily that even one experience of this meditation may bring amazing changes in your being. This meditation technique will help us to get in tune with your heart center & connect with the love, joy, music & faith, that is where these qualities are.

In this meditation it is easier to connect to yourself, the center of your being & later on dissolving into the mother earth, feeling one with it.

This meditation is to be done with an empty stomach, bare feet & wearing loose clothing. This meditation can be done any time during the day & is supported by the specific audio recording of OSHO Whirling Meditation music.

Osho Whirling Meditation


OSHO Whirling meditation has 2 stages & it lasts for 60 minutes.


Below are the two different instructions.

First one: This is from the source “Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune”



Second one: This is from my experience of doing this meditation by myself for few months/days:

First Stage: 45 minutes – Eyes Open

Whirling: In this stage start whirling in a slow speed keeping your eyes opened but unfocused. Whirl in an anticlockwise position keeping your right arm up, palm upwards towards the sky & the left hand downward, palm downwards towards the mother earth. As the music will get faster, start whirling faster & faster. As you go on whirling, you will experience yourself as the center of the cyclone. If you are not comfortable whirling anti clock wise, try clockwise & the arms position to be exact opposite position as mentioned above. Do this for entire 45 minutes unless you fall by yourself. While whirling decision of falling on to the ground should not come from your mind, let it happen. The moment you fall onto the ground, just be on your stomach & the second stage starts for you from there.


Second Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Lying on your stomach: In this stage the music will stop & if you have not fallen yet, allow your body to fall down on to the floor & then roll over your stomach keeping your eyes closed. Connect with mother earth, hug her keeping your arms spread & feel yourself dissolving in mother earth. If you cannot lie on your stomach, lie on your back. Keep your body still & go on watching whatever is happening inside the body mind.

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