Osho Kundalini Meditation

It is a beautiful meditation designed by Osho to experience the non doing & how to be in a state of complete let go. It is a great meditation to move your energy upwards from the bottom of your spine, where it is believed that the reservoir of your energy is lying dormant in the form of sleeping serpent. The idea is to wake this energy up & take it to the 7 chakra the highest point possible in human being for spirituality. This meditation helps in releasing all the unblock energy, bottled up emotions & deeply relaxes the body. It has a very deep balancing effect on body mind. Through shaking in this meditation the body gets charged up with extra energy.

This meditation is best done in the evening when the sun is setting or late in the afternoon & is supported by the specific audio recording of OSHO Kundalini Meditation music.


Osho Kundalini Meditation


This meditation last 1 hour & has 4 stages of 15 minutes each. In the first 2 stages you can either keep your eyes open or close & in the last 2 stages the eyes should remain close.

Below are the two different instructions.

First one: This is from the source “Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune”


Second one: This is from my experience of doing this meditation by myself for few months:

First Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Open or Closed

Standing & Shaking: Stand at one place keeping your feet about 6-8 inches apart from each other, approximately in the alignment of your shoulders. Let your arms and whole upper body be loose & relaxed. Just listen to the music & let the body loose. Keep on listening to the music & in sometime you will a certain trembling, shaking or energy moving upwards from the bottom of your feet. Support this trembling & let the whole body shake by itself, let this shaking & energy spread in your entire body, but do not do shaking by yourself. Let it happen on its own accord. It will happen if you will not hurry things up & just wait with the loving heart. You can keep your eyes open or closed

*Remember: You just need to support the shaking or trembling when it starts happening, if does not happen just stand still, loose & relaxed & go on listening to the music.

Second Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Open or Closed

Dancing: Let the body dance in whatever way it wants to express & move itself. Give the body complete freedom as it wants to move. Just dance with totality & the more you dance & express yourself the more endorphins are going to get released from the body. The happier you will be the more the energy will move upwards. You can keep your eyes open or closed.


Third Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Standing or Sitting: In this stage just stand or sit keeping your body still. Keep on listening to the music & remain a watcher of whatever is happening inside your body mind & outside. Just remain a watcher. Keep your eyes closed in this stage.

Fourth Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Lying Down: The music will stop in this stage & just lie down. Remain still lying down & go on watching whatever is happening inside or outside. Keep your eyes closed in this stage as well.

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