Zazen & Breath work

Zazen & Breath work

Do you know that our breath & thoughts are connected? If we change our breathing patterns, the thoughts & emotions get influenced as well.


All of us live with a certain pattern. This can also be called our personality. Our way of breathing closely connected with our personality. If we can change the way we breathe, the personality can be altered as well. People who take risk, usually they love taking risk and the people who breathe shallow are always afraid to go into the unknown or to take risk.

Our breathing is patterns are different for each emotion that we go through. In anger our breathing is shallow and in relaxation it is deep.

Deep breathing is also one of the fundamental to feel relaxed. When we go to sleep all of us breathe through the stomach that is why we get up after a good night sleep. Breath is the closest and easiest doorway to bring transformation in our life.


There will be an intense breath work exercise followed by zazen. The idea is to help you experience prana/life force/vitality. If you practice the technique with totality, the effects can be felt immediately after the session.

We will learn:

1. About different ways of breathing.

2. Understand Prana & its experiential taste.

3. The science behind different bodies.

4. Exposure to various breath work methods.

5. Practicing zazen & the science around it.


60-90 minutes


Shared on Request

Takeaways from this session:

1. You will get a personal recording of the session to practice this meditation at home.

2. Deeper understanding of breath work & zazen.

3. Using prana in day to day life for getting more energy, whenever needed.

4. Learn fundamentals to go into deep meditation quickly.

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