Open Session

Open Session

Do you know we usually repeat the same mistakes over & over again in a different perspective. Is man a machine or can we break this mechanical habit?


An open session is designed to help you solve your current life issues that you may be facing or to find out the core issue/challenge of your life that you may need support to solve it.

Human beings are creatures of habit, without awareness man is just a machine repeating the same pattern throughout their whole life. An open session may help you to identify that pattern & will give you the ability to break it with awareness.

You can free yourself of the past & create your future. You need only a little bit of courage, awareness & initiative.


The setting of the open session is based on talking openly on your current areas of your challenges. Our therapist will use their intuitive reading abilities, energy work experience, meditation, hypnosis, use of fundamental principles of existence, body, mind & their years of experience to support you back to peace & harmony.

*Discussion of the session will remain absolutely confidential.


Minimum 90 to a maximum of 150 minutes in one session.


Shared on Request

Open sessions can be customized as per your need. You will also get the recording of the session.

Takeaways from the session:

1. You can gain a better understanding of the situations in your life by sharing with our experienced body & mind therapist.

2. Get a 360 degree view of your challenge.

3. Explore tools to overcome your challenges/issues.

4. Receive various skills that can be practiced in daily life with a plan to work forward.

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