Osho Meditation Week

An opportunity deepen your meditation practice with a group of meditators around the world.


We also highly recommend to simultaneously participate in “Meeting of Friends” to accelerate your learning on the path of Meditation.



Dates: Starts on every Monday-Friday

When: @8.00-10pm IST

Duration: 120 minutes session for five days in a row

Platform: Zoom

Financial Contribution:

Per Person/Per Week in USD:

Indian Nationals (New Clients): USD 135

Foreign Nationals (New Clients): USD 270

Indian Nationals (Old Clients): USD 70

Foreign Nationals (Old Clients): USD 140

*New Clients: Participants that are trying the specific method of Osho Active Meditations for the first time.

*Old Clients: Participants that have already done the specific method of Osho Active Meditation with Agyat before.

*The above contribution is for a duration of 5 days.

Additional Support: 
Regular support provided as and when needed through any means of media (Email, whatsapp, text, voice call etc.)

About the facilitator:
About Agyat

What is Meditation?

In the above video I am giving three definitions of meditation.

  1. Your ability to relax your body and mind at will
  2. Your ability to live in the present moment
  3. Your ability to be aware


What Meditation is not?

In the above video I am giving three definitions of what meditation is not.

  1. Focus or concentration is not meditation
  2. Stopping your mind from think is not meditation
  3. Meditation is also not about having only positive thoughts


Some benefits of regular practice through Osho Meditations:

  1. Increases Relaxation of Body/Mind
  2. Releases Stress/Anxiety
  3. Promotes Better Sleep
  4. Brings Hormonal Balance
  5. Increases Awareness

Why this?

Three reasons:

First reason – Meditation on Regular basis refines awareness:

Meditation on a regular basis is vital to refine the quality of awareness. Intelligence, creativity, playfulness, spontaneity, intuition and many more qualities are the by products of refined awareness. Living with awareness naturally perfect qualities and exhaust our faults.

Second Reason: Relaxation and well-being:

Regular meditation helps us to relax our body mind on a daily basis at will. Most of our physical illnesses are a by product of daily stress and our inability to cope up with the stress mechanism. Meditation helps us to relax deeply and well being follows naturally with relaxation.

Third Reason: Creating a community of like minded people to come together:

This program creates a platform for like minded people around the world  to come together and learn from their shares, questions, experience and practice about meditation.


We will meet on everyday from Monday-Friday for 120 minutes via zoom call and practice one of the Osho Active Meditation under the supervision of an experienced Osho Meditation Facilitator.

About the Facilitator:
About Agyat

Takeaways from this session:

  1. Get clarity and insight into meditation
  2. Learn to relax your body mind system
  3. Step by step guidance & support on the path of meditation
  4. Explore methods devised by Osho
  5. Tapping into your inner joy and happiness
  6. Learn from sharing and meditating with others

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