Osho Golden Light Meditation

Osho took this meditation technique from TAO. TAO means to flow with nature. Taoism was created by the mystic Lao-tzu in China. Osho says that Tao methods are very simple. This is a beautiful method to move your energies upwards, cleansing the whole body &releasing all the negative blocks. This meditation will also balance the yin & yang energy in you, the male & female energy. It is a very simple method to bring transformation in your being within just few months. It will unleash a lot of creativity in you. This is a great meditation to rise your energies in a upward flow from the root chakra to the crown chakra.

This method is best done twice in a day once in the morning just before getting up in the early morning, when the sun is rising & the whole existence is waking up & 2nd time in the night before going to the bed. Osho says that there is a great tide of energy rising up in the morning when the whole nature is waking up. It is much easier to ride on this tide of energy in the morning. Just 20 minutes in the morning before getting up from you bed & 20 minutes in the night before going to sleep. This meditation can be done with or without specific audio recordings of OSHO Golden Light Meditation music.

Osho Golden Light Meditation


OSHO Golden Light meditation has one stage & lasts for 20 minutes.


Below are the two different instructions.

First one: This is from the source “Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune”



Second one: This is from my experience of doing this meditation by myself for few months/days:

First Stage: 20 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Lying Down: The moment you think you are awake in the morning, do not get up from the bed. Just remain in the bed with your eyes closed. Now 2 different kinds of visualizations need to be down.

1st Visualization: Breathing In – While breathing in, imagine or visualize a great golden light entering from your head into your body. You whole body is like a bamboo & the light is going in, going in, all the down until the toes of your feet & going out from there. This will cleanse all the energy blockages from the body. Osho says that the golden light has always been there on top of our head, around our head. We just need to remember it & start using it. This is a male energy. Do the breathing very slow & deep, so that the imagination can be done easily

2nd Visualization: Breathing Out –Imagine darkness entering through your toes & going all the way up from inside your body & getting released from the top of your head. This is female energy, it will make you calm, relaxed, at peace & receptive. This breathing has to be done very slowly & deeply so that the imagination can be done easily.

Both the cycles of in breath & out breath need to be repeated with this visualization for approximately 20 minutes.

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