Osho Active Meditations

Osho Active Meditations

Do you know the difference between active & passive meditations? Learn why passive meditation like vipassana is a wrong beginning for the modern men.


There are 18 different active meditations designed by Osho to meet the need of different kinds of people, situations, types & their requirements. All the active meditations are one hour each, divided into stages & supported by music.

Active meditations are based on some fundamental principles of existence just like gravity or water evaporation etc. You will get a clear understanding of those principles to go deeper into meditation & to align yourself with them for your advantage.


You will have a short interview about you & your current challenge/issue. Based upon the findings, our therapist will help you find/choose one of the Osho Active Meditation, the most suitable for your situation.

After that is done you will get a detailed instruction of the chosen active meditation. Then our therapist will guide you step by step into the meditation & will also look if you do the meditation right.

You will get full support during the process. We will make sure that the meditation is done & understood right.

After the completion of the meditation you will be given a weekly or daily challenge to complete. We will continue to provide you support related to the meditation during your regular practise.


90 – 120 minutes


Shared on Request

Takeaways from this session:

1. You will be able to find out the meditation best suited for your needs/situation.

2. Step by step guidance into the meditation process.

3. In-depth understanding of the instructions.

4. Being independent: Gain ability to work on your own after the session.

5. It may help in resolving any chronic issues of anxiety, depression or mood swings with continuous practice.

6. We will also provide you with the free music file of the meditation technique for you.

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