Osho Mandala Meditation

This is a beautiful & a very powerful meditation for centring yourself. As Osho says it that the mind moves in circle & it creates of vicious circle of the same greed, anger, ego, pride again & again because we get identifies with the mind, we always get caught up in this circle, however every circle has a centre. This meditation will give you an opportunity to jump out of this vicious circle & remain centred in your witnessing self. Through awareness all the negative patterns of the mind can be broken.

This meditation can be done any time during the day & is supported by the specific audio recording of OSHO Mandala Meditation music.

Osho Mandala Meditation


OSHO Mandala Meditation last 60 minutes & has 4 different stages of 15 minutes each.


Below are the two different instructions.

First one: This is from the source “Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune”



Second one: This is from my experience of doing this meditation by myself for few months/days:

First Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Open

Running at one Spot: In this stage you need to start running at one spot slowly & increase the speed gradually as the music will get faster. Try to bring the knees as high as possible during this stage. Also keep on breathing deeply & evenly while running at the same spot. If your body get tired, do not stop or think about it. Just carry on running for the entire 15 minutes & forget the body mind completely.

*For people who cannot run due to knee problems, they can lie down on the floor & do cycling in the air with their legs, while using the imagination of running.


Second Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed & Mouth Open & Loose

Sitting Down: In this stage you need to sit & allow the body move, sway in whatever direction it wants to move. This swaying should happen from the navel area or the lower abdomen area, the body may move back & forth, side to side or in circles. As if the wind is blowing a long blade of grass. Let the body move. Give the body freedom to move. This will wake up & gather the energies near the navel centre.


Third Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes opened & Mouth Opened

Lying Down on your Back: In this stage start rotating your eyes in a clock wise direction as if the clock is on the ceiling right in front, facing you. You just need to follow the second needle of the clock & keep your head still. Only move the eyes not the head. While moving your eyes take them into each corner of your eyes & fully rotate them, gradually increasing the speed of rotation as the tempo of the music fasten up. Let your breathing be relaxed & soft. This entire activity will collect your energies to your 3rd eye.


Fourth Stage: 15 Minutes – Eyes Closed

Lying Down: The music will stop & you can just remain wherever you are keeping your body still with eyes closed. Just witness whatever happens inside your body mind.

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