Reiki with Chakra Cleansing

Reiki with Chakra Cleansing

Reiki: In many ancient cultures there was a knowing of this energy. This disappeared in the modern world. But at the end of 19th century the Japanese Dr. Mikao Usui – a Christian minister at a university of Kyoto – found the key in 2500 years old Sanskrit sutras to revive the ancient wisdom.


Reiki means Universal Life Energy. It is the inexhaustible energy, which fills the universe, which permeates & maintains all living beings.

In yoga it is called prana, they say when you breathe in, you not only breathe in oxygen but you also inhale the life force, vitality or prana.

Reiki energy flows through the hands of the Reiki medium. This energy goes into the physical & subtle energetic bodies for therapeutic, restorative & healing purposes.


Step one: Relaxation of the body mind system.

Step two: Cleansing energy bodies, chakras & subtle bodies.

Step three: Reiki healing – Reiki medium places their hand on different parts of the body for 3-5 minutes on each position & allows this energy/prana to flow into the body of the person receiving this energy.

Step four: Coming back fresh & rejuvenated.

Reiki energy goes automatically to the place it is needed the most in the body. This energy is used to heal & treat physical aches & pains. It also releases any kind of emotional resistance in the body mind.


1. Reiki treatment increases your supply of life force energy & helps you heal quickly.

2. It promotes relaxation, makes you feel at peace & reduces your stress.

3. The healing mechanisms of the body begin to function more effectively.

4. Creates deep relaxation & helps the body release stress & tension.

5. Reiki dissolves energy blocks & promotes natural balance between body mind.

6. It assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins & provides support to the immune system.

7. It accelerates the body’s self-healing ability.

8. Reiki session includes chakra & energy bodies cleansing.

9. It can be a deep meditative experience.


75-90 minutes


Shared on Request
*Please wear loose clothing & avoid wearing synthetic material.

Takeaways from this session:

1. Purify & vitalize the body.

2. Strengthen the immune system.

3. Relieves pain in acute or chronic sicknesses.

4. Support self-healing processes.

5. Dissolves inner blocks.

6. You will also learn to clean your physical body, chakras & energy bodies at home by using a specific essence.

7. It can be deep meditative experience.

8. You may also experience deep sleep & relaxation.

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