Meeting of Friends - Meditation & Love

Meeting of Friends: Meditation & Love 

“This program has a very powerful combination of Hypnosis, Meditation and Kindness to create a life you are looking for.

“If once can try only 10 minutes twice a day for just one week & feel the difference”

My message to you:

“Do not believe my words and statements. Test them by yourself”



Every Sunday @7-8.30pm IST

Duration: 75-90 minutes session once a week

Platform: Zoom/Onsite in Goa

Financial Contribution:

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About the facilitator:
About Agyat

What is Meditation or Mindfulness?

In the above video I am giving three definitions of meditation.

  1. Your ability to relax your body and mind at will
  2. Your ability to live in the present moment
  3. Your ability to be aware

What Meditation or Mindfulness is not?

In the above video I am giving three definitions of what meditation is not.

  1. Focus or concentration is not meditation
  2. Stopping your mind from think is not meditation
  3. Meditation is also not about having only positive thoughts

Some benefits of regular practice of Mindfulness:

  1. Increases Relaxation of Body
  2. Releases Stress/Anxiety
  3. Promotes Better Sleep
  4. Brings Hormonal Balance
  5. Increases Awareness
  6. Increases Creativity

Why this?

Three reasons:

First reason – To train yourself for Mindful Living:

Human beings live through the habit because it is easy. To live with awareness is challenging in the beginning as it is true for learning anything new in life. Once you learn to live with awareness a great transformation is waiting for you.

“With the combination of hypnosis it can be achieved effortlessly”

One can live mindfully & lovingly throughout the day. It is not limited to one or two hours of self-practice a day limited to a certain place and at a certain time.

Mindfulness & Love can be part of your work, relationships or any other regular daily action.

Second Reason: Support system by someone who is already doing it:

Human learn very quickly by looking at others. In this regard a guide or a trainer who is already practicing mindful & love living can be of tremendous help.

Third Reason: Creating a platform for like minded people to come together:

This program will also provide you an opportunity to connect with like minded people around the world and learn from their shares, questions, experience and practice about meditation.


What to expect: 

We will use a unique combination of Hypnosis, Meditation & Kindness to make relaxation effortless. For this we will meet online once a week for 75-90 minutes via zoom/onsite in Goa with a group of meditators.

In the online call, we will practice few passive meditations for relaxation and have time for sharing, questions/answers.

Takeaways from this session:

  1. Learn mindfulness & love effortlessly
  2. Be your own master
  3. Get clarity and insight into confusing situations
  4. Step by step guidance & support
  5. Tapping into your inner joy & happiness
  6. Learn from sharing & get support
  7. Shorten your learning curve by aligning yourself to fundamental principles of living mindfully & lovingly

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