“Osho No Mind – 7 days retreat”

A master piece meditative therapy designed by Osho. It is a must for every beginner who would like to learn meditation. This meditative therapy can jet speed to your process to clean the junk of the past memories, make you feel lighter & help tremendously to enter into silent meditation.

“This 7 days process of 2 hours everyday, coupled with Osho Dynamic, Kundalini & White Robe Brotherhood, if done with totality & determination can bring life transforming results”

“Osho No Mind”

1st hour: Continuous gibberish & throwing out the thoughts, emotions, with the language you do not know. Use gesture, body movements & sounds to let yourself loose. Give yourself total freedom of expression of saying things that you could not say due to society, people, rules around you. Go mad & break the pattern of continuous movements of thoughts with the language you do not know.

2nd hour: Sitting silently with closed eyes & let the silence descend upon you.