Sufi Nights

Sufi Nights

Do you know that Sufism come from the branch of Muslim religion? They are the rebellious individual who devised methods & techniques for the journey into the inner world.


Sufis are the people that found various techniques to come in contact with the heart space. Human beings have three centers, the head, the heart & the being. The heart is right in the middle other two centers. Once you are in contact with the heart, it is very easy to slip to the being center. Heart is a friend of the being and the closest.


This would be a 90-120 minutes session. In this session we will experiment with many methods practiced by Sufi’s & also the stories behind some rituals that they perform before starting their meditation.

We will learn:

1. The Sufi whirling – It is one of the easiest ways to come in contact with the inner stillness. The rituals of beginning & ending the whirling the Sufi way.

2. Zikr’s – Sufi’s way to remember the divine. This is a very powerful way to experience the state of no mind.

3. Gibberish – One of the very profound methods to clean the rubbish of the mind & accumulated thoughts. This technique is wonderful to bring immediate peace & relaxation

4. Sufi breathing – There would be a certain way breathing to increase the prana in the body mind system. This is very helpful to explore the inner territory.


90-120 minutes


Shared on Request

Takeaways from this session:

1. Clear & experiential taste of Sufism.

2. Ability to fall into the inner space.

3. Find the right method to start meditating the Sufi way.

4. Get a feel of heart center.

5. Personal recording of the session to practice Sufi meditations at home.

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