“Recognize your True Nature”

Who we are is already with us, has always been with us and will always be with us. It is just a matter of instinctive recognition.

“Human beings are truly exalted by their very nature”

By our very nature we are rebellious, wild, playful, joyous, happy, carefree, alive, vital, innocent, openness, friendship, spontaneous, creative, intelligent, humorous, trusting, sharing, caring and giving. If you look at kids, they all have these qualities already and once we were kids too and had these qualities.

It is the compulsory schooling that destroys most of our innate qualities, gifts and talents, but the good news is that it is not destroyed, it just goes hidden, just a little bit of scratching in the right direction and support is needed and it starts to come out.

“If you look at the paintings of kids, you will not find any straight lines in them. Neither does nature has any straight lines in it”

It is through continuous learning of geometry, algebra, science, history and many other subjects we learn the logic and we learn a very primitive way of thinking/analysing things and situations.

We are made a part of the system and made to fit a certain idea that school, society, country, religion and parents create around us to help us make an adult like. The ideas around what is moral and immoral, what is right and wrong, what should be done and should not be done? In this process we have been crippled and the childlike qualities within us go under a veil and we start living like a corpse.

There is nothing wrong in learning new subject however it should not be compulsory and it should not stop us from living and enjoying live with the sense of wonder.

With most of us the system, ideologies, right/wrong and so many other ideas about how to live in a right way is sitting on our heads like a burden.

“Rarely there are kids who like going to schools in their early age and enjoyed sitting on those hard benches to look at the black board”

In this Osho Meditations and Mindfulness Training Retreat we will learn how to bring about childlike qualities to the surface in a very easy and playful way because they are already there, we do not have to bring them or cultivate them from the outside. Those childlike qualities are our very nature, the complete perceptual openness is our birth right.

Before you start reading the text below, I would like to request you to make a list of the five most important things to you in your life. Things those are most valuable/precious to you at this point of your life.

Now take a look at the list and choose how many of these items in the list can go with you after you die?

All the enlightened masters of the past and present say that the really valuable/precious item is that which nobody can give it to you neither can it be taken away by anyone, not even death can take it away from us.

So, the question is “Do we really have something with us that even death cannot take it away from us?”

Most of us spend our entire life looking for safety, comfort, satisfaction and flourishing through the items mentioned below:

  1. Money/Financial Security/Bank Balance/Financial Goal
  2. Sex/Intimate Relationships/Dating/Romance
  3. Relationships/Marriages/Family/Kids
  4. Food/Alcohol/Drugs/Smoke
  5. Education/Degrees/Certifications/Trainings
  6. Job/Career/Promotions/Better Role in a company
  7. House/Investments/Pension Plans/Retirement Plans/Passive Income/Creating Big Business
  8. Recreation/Movies/Video Games/Spending Long time on Social Media Platforms

Above are just some examples/labels. There is nothing wrong in choosing them. It simply indicates that our life energy is moving in a direction which is outwards to seek life satisfaction, joy, pleasure or security.

Most of us never give up until the end of our life and we keep on trying. Sometimes we get success or other times we fail, but we never question that even after getting success we never really felt true satisfaction and fulfilment.

People that achieve the above items rarely inform us that actually they also did not reach life satisfaction by achieving them as well. 

“Our Life Energy needs movement, it cannot be static”

If energy cannot find a way to move inwards, it will definitely move outwards. Only meditation can help us to move the energy inwards. While growing up we learn from our surroundings and rarely there are people in our immediate family, neighbourhood, school or friends that meditate. So literally we do not get exposure of meditation at all.

If you were born in Tibet the chances are that you would have not been reading this and would have already known about meditation. In that situation you would have been reading about how to get a job in the west.

We learn very quickly through our surroundings. Most of the people around us are heading in the outward direction, seeing that we also start heading in the same direction, only rarely some of us questions the status quo and we feel/understand that we are caught up in a hamster wheel which is never ending and just goes on and on and on. We get tired of the continuous chase of some sort of satisfaction that lies ahead in the future. Then we question that there has to be a way out of it.

“Are you ready to give up your right to be a victim to your thoughts, emotions and feeling?”

Most of us suffer due to wrong understanding or lack of education in the nature of Body, Mind and Consciousness. Right understanding gives us an insight and then one needs to follow/test some methods to bring about the changes needed in life.

“Meditation is not about stopping your mind from thinking or to have only positive thoughts”

Meditation is not against life. It is not about escaping into the mountains & living in seclusion. You can learn and practise meditation wherever you are. Meditation has nothing to do with indulgence or renunciation.

“Meditation is not about holding/judging/analysing thoughts, emotions, feelings, people, places, things or anything else. It is about relaxing into your own nature deeply and completely in a total and absolute Let Go”



  1. Once a week: 28 online sessions of 90-120 minutes each (Flexible-Any time during the week)
  2. Everyday Commitment: 60-90 minutes each day for 28 weeks to Self-practise. (Flexible-Anytime during the day)

*Additional support is also provided throughout the course via email, if needed.

Programme Contribution:

Shared on Request

About the Programme:

This is a 28 weeks programme once a week each session will be 90-120 minutes, along with additional support via email, if needed.

During these 28 weeks we will learn various methods on Mindfulness, Passive Meditations, Active Meditations and Meditative Therapies. Most of the methods practised during this programme have been designed by Osho.

Meditation is our nature, somewhere along the line while growing up in the family, society, culture and schools etc. we lose this and forget completely about our true nature. Also there is no system yet to train us in meditation from our childhood. Meditation is already the case, we just need to recognise ourselves to our true nature again and remove some obstacles that we may have got due to wrong living.

Education on Fundamental Principles:

Most of us are aware of fundamental principles around having a healthy body. If anyone, whether saint or the sinner align themselves to the fundamental principles of having a healthy body like – Healthy food, Proper sleep, Physical Exercise, Yoga, etc. will reap the rewards of good health.

Similarly, to gain a deeper understanding on the path of meditation by learning about the fundamental principles around below makes life much more easier and one can very quickly learn meditation in a very short period of time:

  1. Nature of Body
  2. Nature of Mind
  3. Nature of Consciousness
  4. Relaxing the Body
  5. Mindfulness
  6. Osho Active Meditations
  7. Osho Meditative Therapies
  8. Passive Meditations and how to make them easy?
  9. Why is it difficult to relax?
  10. Right Meditation v/s wrong meditation


  1. Once a week: 28 online sessions of 90-120 minutes each (Flexible-Any time during the week)
  2. Everyday Commitment: 60-90 minutes each day for 28 weeks to Self-practise. (Flexible-Anytime during the day)

*Additional support is also provided throughout the course via email, if needed.

Who can participate?

This programme is designed for all level of people:

  1. Beginner
  2. Intermediate
  3. Advance

One of the requirements for this programme is openness to try something new, desire to learn meditation and deep commitment to put the efforts in one direction for 28 weeks.

What to expect?

If one would commit them to dedicate only 90-120 minutes aside every day for the self-practise for only 28 weeks, below will be some of the outcomes:

  1. Increased Relaxation
  2. Stress Reduction
  3. Better Sleep
  4. Spontaneity
  5. Hormonal Balance
  6. Calmness

Our effort will be to learn one thing and one thing only that is “Meditation”

Included in Package: 

  • Audio files of the Osho Meditations practiced during the training will be shared
  • Written text on the meditations and Osho’s insights on the path of meditation
  • Step by step guidance and support on the path of meditation

Some of the Testimonials of the clients that I have worked with:

‘The Osho Meditation Retreat was life-changing and life-reaffirming. I have been practicing mindfulness for a few years, and this retreat really opened my mind to a number of simple ways to incorporate meditation into daily life. Through laughing, dancing and drawing I was able to break down some internal barriers and beliefs, and reconnect with my higher self. The experience was equal parts fun and profound. Agyat is one of those very few people you meet who have a lasting impact on your whole life. Thanks Agyat’ – Michelle, Australia

‘Agyat is a modern guide to the world of meditation and hypnotherapy. His techniques are tailored to help you with your inner work in a way that is accessible and absolutely enjoyable. Agyat is a kind, caring spirit who is walking his path and can help you navigate your own. With his hypnosis therapy, Agyat helped me get at some core issues and overcome some deep set obstacles. He also gave me tools to continue the healing on my own. His workshop was a bonding communal experience that gave us inroads to continue our inner journeys on our own and with our communities’ – Joel Marshall, Actor / Producer. USA

For Enquires:

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Some important points are mentioned below:

  • This programme can also be done for 28 days straight in India, in a residential setting. You will be responsible to arrange your accomodation and food.
  • This programme does not give you a certificate to become Osho meditation facilitator, however you will get an opportunity to learn all the Osho meditations and Osho meditative therapies in-depth. If you wish to share Osho’s work and wants to become a group leader, it is highly recommended to go to Osho International Meditation Resort, Pune, India to participate in the training to become a group leader.

Booking Process:

Programme contribution to be paid in advance via bank transfer