Osho Mindfulness Training

Osho Mindfulness Training – Group Workshop

Anything that takes you away from this moment is the Mind – Osho


Meditation is not against life. It gives us the ability to enjoy life fully & be rooted in the present moment. In order to do that we will learn, how simple acts of daily life can be meditative like walking, standing, laughing, dancing etc.

There would be techniques based on humming, centering, becoming an animal, methods based on sounds & more.

Also we would learn about the fundamental principles around body, mind & consciousness to gain a better understanding into meditation.


We will explore 14 different methods on mindfulness devised by Osho. We will practise these methods in a bunch of three each (Total four batches three each so a total of 12 techniques) along with one technique in the beginning and one technique towards the end (Total 14 techniques).


2.5 – 3 hours


Three Participants: INR 2800/- per person
Four Participants: INR 2500/- per person
Five or more: INR 2200/- per person


*You will receive a write up of all the techniques in detail at the end of the programme.

Takeaways from this workshop:

1. Clear understanding of meditation.

2. Ability to meditate in busy places.

3. Clarity on the fundamentals of spirituality.

4. You will learn the tools for managing daily stressful situations in your personal or professional life.

5. Step by step guidance & support on the path of meditation.

6. You will also learn to meditate with a busy schedule.

7. Find the right meditation technique for you.

8. Write up of all the techniques in detail at the end of the programme.


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